Score result will be shown after finishing the game. Ranking of that game with top 10 records will be displayed as well.
Players can view past records and understand their progress and regress. They can compare their results with others. This shall raise their attitude of improvement and makes them feel more confident.
Teachers and parents can estimate children’s progress by viewing the ranking. Understand their abilities and performance comparing to others in order to carry out further targeted training.
The report can display results in terms of game or player. Game result will be shown by default.
  Display the average score of each game   Click the bar of the specific game to browse the result of all players chronologically  
Switch to player result and click on a student’s name from the pull-down menu. This shall display the results of that player on different games.   Click the game name in the legend to control the appearance. Move the cursor to the interaction to view the details of that game.  
  Print out the current page      
Save the chart to PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG image file.